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Marketing Planning

Our marketing team is comprised senior marketing planners with more than 15 years of marketing and sales experience, they are proficient in marketing strategy planning, product marketing, promotional programs, sales performance improvement, enterprise planning, establishing a new product launching, market positioning, online marketing platform, ICO marketing strategy. We use modern marketing as our concept, integrate with market analysis, sales strategy, marketing tactics and plan implementations to form a whole set of marketing solutions programme. We analyze our clients’ core business accurately and use the resources effectively to design and plan the marketing activities. We establish a marketing system for our clients based on their consumer goals, and through the integration of resources and the use of various network marketing, it will help to enhance the organization and brand awareness, improve sales performance, establish industry competitive advantages, and truly achieve brand value and consumer loyalty.

Market Research

Our research team is specializing in consumer research and industry analysis, we collect, record, sort out and analyze market information with goal-directed and in systematic. With effective market research, our clients will be able to obtain accurate, authentic and effective data relevant with competitors, economic changes, demographics, current market trend, consumer spending behavior and others, it will help our clients to acquaint with the current market and trends. Our market research scope includes: consumer buying behavior and consumer psychology survey, comparative analysis for specific industry and regions, research on the development history of the product with certain similar nature, analysis of sales effectiveness on specific advertisement, study and organize its SWOT analysis for certain projects and other professional research tasks.

Corporate Identity & Branding Development

Image and brand are symbolic, wealth and resources for an organization. The factors to build up the corporate image and brand development is complicated, and we have the ability to assist our clients to shape and strengthen their corporate image and branding development, achieve effective value enhancement and sales promotion, to be invincible in the competitive market nowadays. We help our clients to create a clear corporate image and form the basis for branding from inside out. Image and brand will become a cornerstone for organization development, so that an organization image and brand can reach a consistent and relevant direction, from advertisement to propaganda tools, online marketing, copywriting, image and media, we can provide our clients a full range of development program.

Website Design & Development

Our website design and development are done by a group of professional designers and developers to create a strong visual effect, logical clarity, colour coordination, to ensure it reflects our clients’ image and brand. The website we developed is adaptable to various devices, fast and responsive, excellent website experience, to make sure the website developed is attractive. We use high-end technology and tools to effectively shorten the time required for a website development and then we combine the clients’ needs and industry characteristics to plan the layout of the website, we put every details and user experiences into consideration, our professional website designer and developer can help our clients to improve their brand image and market influence in short period of time with their well-prepared website. We also help our clients’ websites to improve their rankings in major search engines in accordance with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our web development team uses HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Wordpress and other editing languages and development tools to develop a quality website, improve website performance and compatibility with different browsers.

Creative Design

Our creative design team is comprised of top-level designers and project managers with more than 10 years of marketing design experience, we have a system of marketing branding methods, creative advertising or related backgrounds, and multiple successful design cases, we can provide our clients end-to-end product experience and creative design concepts with professional design technology and leading design concepts. Whether it is designed for creative advertisement, magazine, catalogue, poster, site of press conference, event, exhibition, corporate image, corporate website, flyers and any others, we can target markets and crowds from different regions and cultural backgrounds, provides comprehensive planning for pre-research, creativity design to design implementation. Our design team is flexible and efficient, able to adapts to different requirement from different clients, and able to coordinate with clients effectively, speed up the progression of the project and achieve business goals.

Photography & Videography

We provide a full range services of photography and videography for all kinds of events such as business meetings, business events, promotional event photo and poster, opening celebrations, product launching, product catalogues, photo optimization, conference and celebration, training courses, and also post-production video editing. By listening to the clients’ requirement and considering their needs, we evaluate and implement the effect of final outcome, besides fulfilling clients’ needs, we also put the consumer group excellent experience into consideration. We connect both photography and videography along with high-level services to help our clients improve their sales results and increase consumer satisfaction.

Video Making

We have a professional video production team that uses professional video and audio editing software such as: Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition and Blender, our video production team can create a variety of videos for our clients, such as commercial advertisement, corporate videos, product description videos, instructional videos, interview videos, events/montage, projection mapping, commentary videos and so on. In our video production, we will use different VFX video effects, including: chroma key, rotoscope technology, corporate logo dynamics and intro effects, Lower Third, 3D object mapping and motion tracking, 3D montage/logo display, 2D Animation, dynamic typography, parallax animation, video recovery and colour correction, audio recovery and master tape creation, professional recording and SFX sound effect.

Customer Support Outsourcing

Our Customer Support Leader and the team have been engaged in customer support management for more than 10 years, they have strong and professional communication and coordination skills, our rich customer support experience can ensure consumers have a great service experience under our management, which will lead to clients’ sales improvement and strengthen relationship with consumers. Our customer support philosophy is to use consumer value as our direction, through integration and management, fulfil consumers’ requirement and increase their satisfaction. By collecting data and feedback from consumers, we analyse, manage and apply the data, we provide effective solutions for marketing, sales and services for our clients. Our specific services also include data mining, data analysis, data integration and analysis, implementation and management of promotional activities, customer-oriented database creation, consumer’s data analysis, consumer’s data integration and management services. Through the communication with consumers, our customer support team able to provide a series of pre-sales services, in-sale services, and after-sales services, so that the consumers realize that the actual perceived treatment is in line with the expected treatment.

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